Joel L. Jones

Joel L. Jones is first and foremost, a child of the Almighty God.

He strongly believes in the manifestation of God’s power through music. By humbly accepting God’s calling on his life, Joel has empowered the music ministries of many churches. He focuses his music on ministering to God’s people on every level.


Joel L. Jones was born July 15,1977. He began playing music at the age of five. Under the anointing of God, and the leadership of his father, the late Rev., Dr. Levi Jones, he was appointed as musician for his father’s church at the early age of eight. As he matured spiritually, Joel began to understand the difference between just playing music and ministry through music. God opened Joel’s eyes to see the importance of, and also the lack of genuine music ministry in the church. Therefore confirming unto him that music ministry is God’s divine purpose for his life. Joel currently serves as the Minister of Music at Greater Mt. Calvary Church under the leadership of Elder Terry Gullage Sr. Through the divine inspiration of God, he is also the founder of two dynamic music ministries, Joel Jones Community Male Chorus and 3MC.

It is Joel’s humility and willingness to serve, that allows the power of God to move through his music. Today he constantly encourages musicians, singers, directors, etc., to become aware of the evangelistic values and life-changing power that lies in true music ministry. He solely believes is singing and playing the message of the music!


Joel L. Jones knows his Purpose, has received God's Permission, and will continue to flow with His Power!

Ministering to Louisiana & surrounding areas.

©2017 BY JOEL JONES & 3MC.

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